Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty Reduction)

Breast reduction in Turkey, also known as mammoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size more in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with excessively large breasts.

Breast Reduction; Although surgery is usually performed by aesthetic surgeons to correct the appearance of large breast. It is a reconstructive surgery which is caused by large breast and helps to solve problems of back pain, dyspraxia, headache, shoulder pain, difficulty in breathing, collapsing in shoulder with braces, hygiene problems under breast.

Disproportionately large breasts can cause both physical and emotional distress for patients. Patients with macromastia may experience physical discomfort resulting from the weight of their breasts. The resulting pain can make it challenging for some patients to perform common physical activities. Along with the physical ailments of macromastia, some patients may suffer from emotional distress or more significant mental health problems as a result of their large breasts.

Why Breast Reduction Turkey?

  • Breast reduction offers all those facilities to the customers at an affordable price, much cheaper than the US and EU countries.
  • convenient to reach for patients from all over Europe with less than four flying hours.
  • You’ll also find that waiting times are next to none. You should be able to schedule an appointment very quickly with any cosmetic hospital you want.
  • Turkey has visa-free access to more than 70 countries and citizens from more than 110 countries can enter without a visa.
  • Turkey is the one of the most reputable countries for breast reduction cost thanks to its experienced medical staff, great number of surgeries performed every year, successful results, affordable prices, and government incentives for medical tourism.

Breast Reduction Quick Guide

Procedure: Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)

Accommodation: 1-2 night at hospital, 4-5 nights at the hotel

Operation Duration: 2-5 hours

Return to Work: 8 – 12 days

Recovery Period: 2 – 3 weeks

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Potential Risks and Side Effects: Difficulty or insufficiency in breastfeeding, numbness of the region, partial or complete loss of sensation in the chest, temporary swelling, bruising, asymmetric healing